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Today, practically all organizations rely on computer systems and networks, which have evolved and developed, to process information, manage information, and communicate. Additionally, the introduction of digital technologies has allowed distant communication between organizations. The establishment of control and security procedures is necessary in order to benefit from computer systems and networks, just like other technologies. Determining how users can access information and limits of their communication is crucial. Additionally, security protocols should be put in place to protect the internal network and data. The Sabalan system is a network security solution that offers network administrators transparent security and control services. For the convenience of network admins, this system offers a network manager panel. These features, let administrators apply their preferences to various networks without having to know in advance how the network is set up or how the Network Encryption System is configured.


The management of users and the organization by the Sabalan system also maintains the confidentiality of data and communication. The Sabalan system is entirely native and independent of the type of operating system, except from the hardware. This system is intended to manage users within an organization’s internal network while also establishing security. This technology can securely establish connection between several organizational departments that split up throughout the country. In other words, this technology creates a secure channel of communication between entities from various departments. Both unauthorized access to the internal network and the interception of user communications who are interacting with organization from outside its internal network are prevented by this secure communication channel. Additionally, this system offers the ability to group and manage people. The network administrator can use this method to group users into multiple groups before creating unique security and communication policies for each group.

Depending on the kind of mission specified for the Sabalan system, the following components could be involved:

  • Main Server (Sabalan Server)
  • Sabalan Management Software (e_manager)
  • Sabalan Software Client (e_client)
  • Sabalan Hardware Client (GClient- RClient- Batis1.0- Batis2.0)


If Sabalan requires a hardware client to do the specified task, the client may select it based on the requirements of her network and, if necessary, in consultation with the support team of the EEPA company. Overall, it is preferable to utilize the GClient type if the client has an extensive number of users and requires a lot of bandwidth. RClient type is advised if you need to use a wireless network, LTE network, and hotspot, and finally, Batis type is preferable if you need PoE support.

The Sabalan system can be used to address a variety of objectives for both individuals and companies, including:

  • Creating an isolated and secure virtual network for critical organizational areas
  • Using customized scenarios to secure communication between devices, users, and several spaces
  • Ability to divide networks and establish secure LANs with geographic dispersion
  • establishing secure communication between organizations’ offices and central servers
  • securing networked applications, including office automation
  • ensuring that employees of an organization can work remotely safely
  • utilizing firewall features and quality of service in communication scenarios.


Although Sabalan can handle a wide range of scenarios, they can be broadly categorized into three groups:

  • Net to Net: To establish customized connection between several sub-networks
  • Host to Net: To establish customized connection between individuals and internal network
  • Host to Host: To establish customized connection between individuals

Sabalan system products:

  • Firewall: To manage policies for your network
  • Shaper: To manage your usage bandwidth
  • VPN: To secure your connections
  • Logger: To monitor your entire network activities

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